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Entry 28th January 2024: Post 1: Sanyo MSX Wedge - PHC-28L Ordinateur Personnel.

Sanyo MSX Wedge - PHC-28L Ordinateur Personnel.

Today I feature a quite rare MSX wedge with extended back to sport
not one but two cartridges.

Features standard directional keys, reset, twin joystick, printer,
cassette, audio and video sockets, RGB, internal PSU and on off .

The printer port is the 14 pin centronics.

Sanyo PHC-28L made in Japan probably around 1983/84
Uses Microsoft Extended BASIC MSX V.1
The keyboard is an AZERTY mechanical
Processing is provided by the Z80A running at 3.8 MHz
RAM on this machine is 64 KB and VRAM 18 KB
Sound uses the Yamaha AY-3-8910
Twin MSX cartridges
Video: Texas Instruments TMS9929ANL

The Nishi Kazuhiko MSX Standard:

Processor: 3.58 MHz Zilog Z80.
Graphics: Texas Instruments TMS9918 graphics chip with 16 KB of
dedicated VRAM.
Sound: AY-3-8910
Intel 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI).

Often a custom IC known as "MSX-Engine", which integrated glue
logic, 8255 PPI, YM2149 compatible.

The keyboard was always a professional standard.
OS was Microsoft's MSX BASIC.

Sanyo MSX Wedge - PHC-28L Ordinateur Personnel.

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