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Entry 29th January 2024: Post 1: Amstrad Mega PC 386 SX - With Sega Mega Drive.

Amstrad Mega PC 386 SX - With Sega Mega Drive.

Seriously a PC with a Sega Mega Drive. Amstrad did like creating
some bonkers ideas and this little beauty is all that and some.

I have two of these machines plus the monitor. Sadly they had both
suffered battery damage when they arrived here in 2006. One was
worse than the other primarily cus the better of the two appears
to have been stored upside down. The battery had leaked into the
casing top and you can see the stain in the pictures.

It has been some eighteen years since I removed the battery from
each and the internal damage to the motherboard looks pretty much
the same as it was in 2006. More significantly both are working

When you switch on there is an alert to say the battery is dead,
but the OS is DOS so just a case of entering the date and time.
By sliding the Sega Mega Drive cover flap over the floppy drive
the machine switches to gaming mode. To be honest the computer is
pretty useless as a PC but it really is a dream for playing
Mega Drive cartridges. The ports on the front take the Mega Drive

The Amstrad monitor, though somewhat yellow works just fine and
also has speakers so I get the sound. I do play SONIC quite a bit
so having the computer at my feet in the lounge is nice.

Anyhoo, tick off two more machines in my marathon testing session.

Amstrad Mega PC made by Amstrad under license from Sega
Manufactured in 1993.
Uses a 32bit Intel 80386SX at 25 MHz
Supposed to have a 40MB hard drive though missing
1MB SIMM RAM which can expand to 16MB
Includes the Games Processor PCB.

Amstrad Mega PC 386 SX - With Sega Mega Drive.

My second Amstrad Mega PC.

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