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Entry 30th January 2024: Post 1: Amiga 1200 - Typhoon 1230 SCSI.

Amiga 1200 - Typhoon 1230 SCSI.

There is no doubt that the Amiga 1200 was the best wedge computer
of all time. Personally I don't think anything comes close. Today
I pulled Terai from the main room and put her through her paces.

This computer has the very splendid Typhoon 1230 SCSI. This version
with the SCSI is not featured in the Big Book or on the Resources
site. It gets a mention but there is no image. My preference was
always to have SCSI with the accelerator.

The board comes fitted with 8MB FAST and has a slot for a stick
of RAM. The board appears to be upside-down compared to normal
accelerators. Because of the main chips being on the underside I
have had to bend the trapdoor cover and stick down with tape. If
I use the machine a lot I do have another cover with large holes.

She is quite sprightly and runs Workbench 3.0 with a personalised
appearance. This was not of my doing. The installation has an art
based flavour which was my doing and includes DPaint V. I also
have various paint and animation software including Main Actor as
I was using the machine with Vidi Amiga  video editing.

I couldn't resist firing up the lovely Clara Veiga which is a
black and white animation captured using Vidi Amiga off a DVD.

Well there you go, all working fine and stationed back in the
large Amiga room next to an Amiga 600 and Graham the A1500 with
the A1200 motherboard. Before I relocated the machine I did have
a play at Banshee. As you do.

Commodore Amiga 1200 2MB CHIP
Accelerator: Power Computing Typhoon 1230 SCSI
Processor: MC68030 running at 40Mhz.
ROM: Version 3.0 running Workbench 3.0
Hard Drive: Seagate ST9816AG 2.5" 816MB.
Monitor: Commodore black 1084S
SCSI: SCSI-II controller 50 Pin header: Also special connector
to external 50 pins sub-D female connector.

The Typhoon configures memory above the 24 bit addressing space
and therefore does not interfere with PCMCIA devices.

Old Skool at its most yummy.

Happy days.

Amiga 1200 - Typhoon 1230 SCSI.

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