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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 1st July 2018: Post 14: Disk Boxes

Disk Boxes - Never enough sadly

I have over 13000 Amiga disks... just saying. From the 'getgo' I was
advised to always stand my disks upright and store in dust free
disk boxes. I kinda had that as a rule from the very beginning.
Consequently I not only placed all my disks, including game disks
and magazine cover disks in dry safe storage boxes but also put
each disk in its own plastic sleeve. I also have been extremely
careful over the years regarding electrical appliances, heat from
radiators and standing in extreme ranges of temperature. And so
cus of my efforts most of my disks still function perfectly.

The problem for me has been finding adequate numbers of storage
boxes. Days of old packs of disks came in plastic boxes which I
found very useful. Having a variety of box sizes was always a real
blessing. Interestingly the very last item that I was able to buy
from either Staples or PC World that I could use with the Amiga
was the plastic disk box. Once they stopped stocking them, there
was very little reason for me to go there.

One oddity about disk boxes is the locking. Just pointless as you
could so easily run off with the disks, crack open the cover or
simply pull out the little pivot pins at the back and take the
thing apart. The keys are all the same anyway... pointless in truth.

And so more from the disk box heaven that I support here. Disks tend
to be stored in the 'disk room' and really there is very little space
in that room for anything else. I have shelves in other locations
and atop each set of boxes is normally an Amiga 1200. All are labelled
and logged in a file called ' All My Disks ' and like I say its got
over 13000 disks listed. Notepad has a great search facility and I
can generally find a disk in little under two minutes. That quick.
I also can tell very quickly if I have the disk. Most are in ADF
format also and I can decrunch on the 4000 very quickly.

My two problems are disk boxes, not having enough and finding a blank
disk. You would think I had an endless supply. All my disks are
very busy and so are being used. I have a big problem deleting stuff.
Trust me when you have a functioning working disk you don't want to
furk the thing up. Data is so important these days. It is the blood
that keeps the kit alive.

Anyway some notable box styles and types for you to peruse.

Disk Boxes

This is actually a disk box for the Acorn 5000

An unused pack of DDs

Disks did often come in plastic boxes

These are library boxes and are all numbered

A special Amiga Computing box

Filled now with Checkmate KCS software

I do love the smaller boxes for carrying around
This one has my Clara Veiga screen-savers inside

This one football save games i.e. SWOS

This is a Lemmings box ... 'Let's Go'

Games disk box of many

All boxes are labelled and numbered

I try to avoid sticking stuff to boxes

This is an old crate of a box I rescued from work

Lots of the library boxes are themed.
A library box holds a specific set of disks
relating generally to a form of software so
I can easily carry it safely to a computer

Double disk boxes are the most common.
Sadly later boxes had curved tops and they
are a pig to stack. Bit like the 'dickhead'
that put curved edges to keyboards. Great design
to look at, crap to stand a keyboard on its edge
when working on the machine.

Again all boxes are labelled

The 1200s normally are under dust covers

Help.. I need more disk boxes !!!

And that's just my Amiga disks.. Go figure

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