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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 1st July 2018: Post 17: Sidewinding the Silkworm

Copied Amiga disks - Sidewinding the Silkworm

This little episode started cus a guy was after a copy of the
CU Amiga cover disk Sidewinder/Silkworm demo. I have to say I had
never used the disk which I had acquired from who knows where. So
when I slotted it into the Amiga 500 I was just a touch disappointed
that I couldn't run the disk.

That was the only copy so never mind. Happens. I then searched my
various boxes for a copy of the games Silkworm and Sidewinder. I
eventually found a number of copies in my mountain of dubious disks
that I keep stacked on a table here behind the 500. What troubled
me was that none of the disk worked on the A500 or A1200.

In one last desperate act I decided to fire up the Amiga 1000 and
to my surprise I was able to run all the disks. Amazing really. I
was also able to copy the Sidewinder disk from the Workbench.

I moved my activities to a bench with a clean A500 with no RAM and
no external hard drive. My experience with the demo disks I create
is that many of the demo disks need to switch off extra memory and
disable hard drives and external second drives to work.

Next I hooked up X-COPY and began to copy the disks. All went fine
and I started to take a look at a few more of these cracked disks
and it really is amazing at just how many pirated games found there
way into folks hands from sellers of cracked disks. How games
developers made any money I never know. The disks I have came with
computers I acquired and from collections of other users. I had always
intended to format the disks but found a lot to be damaged and in
poor condition so I rarely have risked the drives on my Amigas.

You can't use any of these disks without having a disk drive head
cleaner to hand to tidy matters up after you hear the grinding noise
of a damaged disk. It basically will render the drive unusable.

And so this was my day with the dubious set of disks I dragged down
from the mountain I have. All disks are stacked neatly in alphabetical
order and listed in a book so I can find stuff. It is also catalogued
on this computer so I know how many copies I have.

Amiga Disk Copying

The failed CU Amiga cover disk.

A pile of disks ready to format.

X-COPY at the ready.

Disks being initialised on the A500.

On the left is the formatted disks and on
the right some game disks that I saved.

So with the cartridge installed on the
secondary drive I boot with X-COPY

I hit F1 to boot into X-COPY

I select DOSCOPY and remove the X-COPY
disk and insert the disk I want to copy
The blank disk is in the secondary drive.

And there we have the cracked version of Silkworm

I do have the original game.

Disk head cleaner always needed.

I found the Silkworm trainer by the Accumulators.

I was able to copy Sidewinder from the Workbench.

Sidewinder is a Banshee style of game.

Other games companies let you copy the disks
but had password procedures that involved often
code printed in the manuals.

This is the Settlers password code.

Endless cracked games and the guys
bragged about it all. Amazing really.

Anyway you get the idea. To me the disks are
sad and a bit lonely. They have no manuals and
often can really bugga up your drive so I tend
to avoid them. I have kept a few selected disks
out when I know I have the originals and they are
of good quality. Saves me ruining the originals

As for X-COPY, I am amazed that more of these
companies and those cracking games were not called
to task. I know that 17-bit removed quite a lot
from their catalogue for fear of copyright.
Represents a moment in time I guess. Probably
worth hanging onto the disks just so it can be
recorded and remembered.... Never been a supporter
of piracy and certainly have always purchased my
games and software.

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