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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 1st July 2018: Post 19: Commodore C64G

Commodore C64G - A fading case

Sad really when nothing you can do prevents the ageing yellowing
of a case. This C64G was almost white when I acquired it and has
been in a box the entire time of being here. It has been stored
in a cool dry place and rarely exposed to the light. And yet the
yellowing of time has still taken place so in truth there was
always very little I could have done to prevent it.

Not an issue for me as in truth I am never troubled by such things.
Just that in some quarters the yellowing may result in attempts
to restore to the original glory and I fear in this case it could
mean the keys becoming damaged. Anyway, whilst in my care she can
yellow to her hearts content, troubles me not.

This was pretty well the last of the C64's and built from stocks
I guess Commodore had laying around. Really don't know. Seems an
odd beast though, I believe, was manufactured to satisfy a desire
in Germany to have a C64c with the old style case for the music
maker keyboard. Again it is only what I have read.

The computer worked with no problem though the power switch is a
touch sticky and having experienced this before I just left it
alone. Well there you go the C64G.

Commodore C64G made by Commodore in 1989 in Germany
Uses Commodore BASIC V2
Has a full stroke 66 keys keyboard and 4 function
The CPU is an 8500 running at 0.985 MHz
RAM is 64KB and ROM 20KB

Commodore C64G

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