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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 1st July 2018: Post 26: Amiga A590

Amiga A590 - Grounding Clip

Fresh from my adventures with the boxed A590 I was intrigued by
the use of the grounding clip described in the manual. So much
so I decided to pull an A500Plus and test out the clip on a
defunct A590 from the graveyard. You never know .....

First up I stripped back the 500 which had fitted a 500Plus mobo.
I couldn't really see very much in respect of the ground and
determined it simply formed a contact with the long metal plate
on the base of the A590. Thing is I have other 590s running
no problem without any clip fitted. So colour me intrigued.

Sadly it made no difference. The drive still hung just about
where it always does and then throws up the disk requester.
The drive is not picked up by the Extras or Hard Drive install
floppy, so something is very wrong.

Worth a go all the same....

A590 Grounding Clip

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