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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 2nd July 2018: Post 03: Repairing the 3.5"

My Amiga 1400 - Repairing the 3.5"

When I acquired the A1200 in the A1500 case I was discussing the
computer at work and struggling to know what to call it. This tech
guy that I worked with chimed in and said call it 'Graham' and the
name stuck. We both have the same philosophy when it comes to
personalising computers and that is make your own stuff as crazy
bonkers as you can and then you will never ever like confuse what
you create with actual formal computer data, software and files.
And so Graham it was and the computer will always be known as such.

Anyway, don't be surprised to see crazy names for drives and folders
on my machines. I generally name computers after females. Kinda
following on from the traditions of the Amiga. Not unusual in truth
for men to name their favourite machines after women. And why then
a guys name for this 1400... I dunno you need to ask 'Spidey' the
guy that gave the computer its name.

Back to the busted drive and a need to rescue Clara and Risa. Let's
hope that Graham can work his magic. Fingers crossed.

The drive has a history of being busted. Better start with that. I
seem to recall having the drive in one or two A4000d computers. My
gut tells me there is an issue with the end of the drive and it
causes the drive to fall over. I am no expert on hard drives but
being circular I tend to think that data works like wheels within
wheels and so rather than a continuous string of data as in say
a tape it works on a more cyclic basis and so runs round from one
to the next. Therefore its tricky to isolate the end as it just
loops back. That's my narrow minded and misinformed view but it
has always lead me to distrust a drive that has a problem as it
just is going to bite you in the butt when you least expect it.

There was a reason the last partition had an empty section. What
I couldn't understand was that it didn't seem to be fixed and
was oddly set up. Onwards ....

Chasing Risa

The drive in question.

Jumpers set to master.

Connecting the mouse to the video port.

Wow 3.1 running on 3.0ROM.. Crazy.

Time to copy the 3.0 Workbench disks.

Graham at work.

Drives creating the 3.0 disks.

And so I have a set of Workbench 3.0.

Time to swap over the 3.5" drives.

All done.. Ten second job on Graham.

Back to where I was yesterday.

Let's try and partition the whole last section.

OK let's call this volume RISA.

I am not surprised that didn't work.

Usual trick, make the last partition smaller
and leave an empty space on the drive.

That seemed to work. Creates drawer in her
namesake... Risa Yoshiki. Go Google !!!

OK now I format the Workbench volume.

And we are ready to have another go at
installing Workbench 3.0.. Wish me luck

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Graham looks more like Orac in Blakes 7

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