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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 7th July 2018: Post 01: VC-20 - 1 out of 2

Commodore VC-20 - 1 out of 2

I was planning on presenting a rather large feature on my A1200,s
and was busily putting together the images when I tripped upon
these two VC-20s that had become isolated from the pack. Neither
were labelled as working and when I checked the one had a blank
screen and the other nothing but static. And so they were both
broken, shame really.

I rescued them from the graveyard and got kinda side tracked  from
my massive Amiga post and checked them over.

First up I should explain that the VC-20 was intended to be the
German version of the computer and the VC, I am told, is a play on
VW or 'Peoples Computer'. Don't quote me. It's odd cus the function
keys on these two machines are the different colours and the first
was made in the UK but actually built in Hong Kong. And the second
with the grey keys looks to have been assembled in Germany.

The first with the grey screen had no shielding, which may have
been removed and the second was fitted with the shielding. The second
with the grey function keys has more socketed chips and also looks
to be dated 1984 which is later than the first.

The second machine displayed just static on screen and no visible
change when I switched and switched off. The power lights were on
for both machines, but sadly just not working.

Anyway I opened them up and had a fiddle and a play. More of a
twiddle and a refresh of socketed chips and reseating of the fuse.
Nothing major but always worth a try. Fortunately these VC-20s
have the C64 power supply and I had one on tap so that was easy.

Commodore VC-20

VC-20 Number 2

This time with shielding

What a wonderful surprise, the VC-20 working.
I really hadn't expected that at all. I have
now stored the computer under cover on the level
and will add the VC-20 to the list of computers
I check quite regularly to see she is working.

Odd that the VIC could have been my first computer
had I acquired the one I was saving for in 1981.
Better late than never I guess.

OK I need to get back to my quite massive A1200
post. I have all 150 pictures edited now and just
need to put the pages together. Saying that I have
just gotten distracted by an MPS1270A of all things.

Ar humm... Cuppa me thinks.

VC 20

One last comment.. Should it just be VC 20 ?

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