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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 8th July 2018: Post 03: Apollo 060

Apollo 060 - Phone Me Now !!!

Having copied over the SAMBA files from my favourite Amiga I bit
the old bullet and decided to reinstate the Apollo 060 that did
use to reside on this machine.

Well worth it.

Apollo 060 for the Amiga

Been in it's box for way too long.

The Apollo 1260/68060.

A card that relies on software to make
it work. The original 68040.library has
to be replaced. Also a CPU60 tool needs
to be added to the 'C' folder and a command
added to the Startup Sequence.

I installed the card through the base but
working from the top of the computer.

All slotted in according to plan.

No fan required, though the power converter
is required. The card does get very hot.

Card from below.

Essential bit of paper to stop
the power module from dropping back.

Information on that CPU60 B command that
needs to be added after the Setpatch in the
Startup Sequence.

About ready to rock and roll.

New internal 2.5" at the ready... I say this
cus power can be an issue with the 060 and
having a drive can pull on the system resources.
I use an A500 brick, and a heavy one at that.

OK I boot without the CPU.

Software installed though I had to do the
editing and file transfer manually. There
is something very wrong with the install software.

For me this has never worked.

Fingers crossed..... ' **cking hell '.
That's a technical term if you understand
the red bar in that image.

I'd say that worked.


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