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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 11th July 2018: Post 01: CU Amiga November 1992 Part II


Following on from the diary entry from yesterday regarding the
very wonderful CU Amiga for Nov 1992 I thought I would complete
the process by featuring the contents of the cover disks including
the very special Videoscape 3D.

CU Amiga Nov 1992

CU Amiga disks are generally numbered
sequentially so just a case of tracking
down the number relating to the magazine.

In this case the numbers are 44.

And number 45.

To the disk boxes and checking the LOG
for all my disks I hunted down disk box
Large L23... CU disks 40 to 69.

Opening Disk 44 I discover that the disk
expands into two disks, which is not
unusual. The one program runs from the disk.

Decrunched into two disks.

Simply copied Organize and Disk 45.

Disk 45 has the games Sword of Honour
and Legend of Valour icons.

Sword of Honour is a 'Beat-em-Up'
and the first fight was over very
quickly and hardly any challenge.

Legends of Valour is an Eye of the Beholder
style classic DnD walk through and resolve
problems as you explore.

Confused me for a while as I thought I was
the character on the screen. Then realised
I was simply viewing another character.

Pretty straightforward if you are use to
playing these kinds of games.

Time to fire up the AEGIS Videoscape 3D.

Simply follow the directions from the magazine.

OK .. I think I got all that.

I'm flying... Cool.

Organised has been around for yonks

... when I checked my diary.

Well there you have it. The cover disks
Numbers 44 and 45 for CU Amiga Nov 1992.

Cover disks basically gave away software that
was often on the way out with offers to buy
the newer versions. And demos of games with
say one or two levels. For many the cover disks
were either used as the only version ever utilised
or simply formatted and used as a blank disk.
The reason I have so many cover disks is that I
very often found other programs on the disks
and not the actual cover disk contents.

If the contents are of no use I sometimes format
the disk and replace the contents with the original.

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