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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 14th July 2018: Post 01: A500 What's in the box

A500 - What's in the box

First up today I have to announce the passing of the Canon G3
camera. The heat must have finally got to her as she locked up
and refused to budge to focus. Sad, but hey enter the Lumix.

Today I thought I would pull a couple of A500 boxes from the
store and show just what you should expect from a collectors box.
I spent an age collecting various boxes until I got what I would
call an original box set. That is a box containing all that would
have come with the Amiga 500 when new.

Anyway here goes ...

Amiga 500 - In the box

Not all boxes are the same even when they
appear at first glance to be that....

The top box has darker lettering with a
goldish outline.

The top box has the lid travelling inside
the side section, yet the bottom carries
fully over including the artwork on the lid.

Carry handles can be offset from the centre.
Sadly damage to boxes is common at the handle.

OK this is one of my most complete boxes.

Has the serial number of the computer on
the top lid of the box. And it matches.

The top lid artwork carries over the
sides of the computer box and does not
have the card flaps that need inserting.

It is a good sign when the box appears
totally full with polystyrene inserts
flush with the very top of the box.

This is the rare cheese that is most
commonly missing from boxes.

It was designed to house the modulator
and protect the keys to the main 500.

The cardboard lid is missing to the PSU
though the mouse and wires are here.

The computer plastic protection should
be a pink colour and have the notice
advising of the dangers to children.

There should be the warranty card and guides
for the A520 modulator.

Additionally there is a Quick Connect guide.

Is nice to find all the various plastic
bags and wires fasteners. The bonus
often is the dust cover. They are all
the same and I assume were Commodore.

The bottom lead is the official one.
The top one is an extended version
so the computer could be more remote
from the TV set for gaming.

RIP Canon G7

This sadly is where we part company
with the Canon G7 which broke... ar hum !!

Back to business with the Lumix and
the three books that are in the
base of the box. There is also a
sleeve with the Workbench disks
but I always remove disks from boxes.

A commemorative label no less.

An unusual find in the base of any A500 box.
The label is gold in colour and metal with
double sided tape to stick on the computer.
Hasn't been used thankfully.

This A500 is in excellent condition
and I sense has hardly ever been used.
There is no yellowing to the casing.

Keys and casing generally go yellow
through usage as the plastic warms.

I have never cleaned this computer
and the surfaces are dust free.

The floppy drive is also very clean.

Rear warranty sticker is unbroken.

Slots are all free from dust.

This RAM expansion was probably
included with the computer as the
instructions are inside the book.

Main warranty sticker unbroken.

All the necessary elements that suggest
these are part of the original machine.
As such makes the box very collectable.

And with the Cheese and mouse makes this
an almost complete set.

And she works... Less surprising in truth.

OK to the much better box.

Hardly any box damage to this second computer.

Note that this time the side sections
to the lid go inside the main box art
work and use those annoying flaps.

The inside of the box is less than full
and is missing paperwork and the cheese.

The bag is not original and none of
the other bags etc are in the box.

Modulator but no mouse sadly.

This computer has the red power light.
making it a little more interesting
though is not old enough to have the
Commodore key.

Has yellowed a little though not too bad.

The seal is broken, though I didn't look
inside. In truth I don't need to.

The stock RAM board as with the other.

Not a bad machine but hardly collectable.

Works though... but then A500s generally do.

Just a comment about surface cleaning ...

I do not view that weakening the plastic by
removing the top surface will do anything
to prevent the discolouration and the
yellowing may return faster. Dunno.

My main issue with the surface treatments
is that it may damage the computer and
also cause an unknown problem in the
future. These computers are best left
alone and relatively untouched. There
is less likelihood of damage through
fatigue and the unnecessary removal
and cleaning of components.

I am not suggesting that the computer is
not used, quite the opposite. However, the
unnecessary disassembling of the machine
just creates unnecessary risk of fracture to
what is a fragile product.

Just saying...

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