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Entry 16th July 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - My 30 A1200s Part I

Amiga 1200 - My 30 A1200s Part I

This little adventure has been a long time coming. Since 1993.
My First Amiga 1200 arrived here in the November of 1993 and she
still sits here switched on every day. The second called TANK
arrived in the winter of 1995. My next was a brand new boxed
Magic Pack from Analogic in 2002 and then the flood gates that
is EBAY launched me into a buying frenzy which resulted in a
grand total of 30 Amiga 1200s finding their way here.

It was never my intention to accumulate so many but at the time
I was very busy at work and hardly at home so I would scour the
auctions in the evening and place bids in for a few quid for
various computers. Most to be truthful were tatty, busted and
incomplete. In those days you really could pick up anything
for 10 or so. I had this old Citroen on the drive that I used
as a parcel box and as I arrived home weary from work I would
joy at the parcels stacked up waiting inside. I really had no
other interests and so a few quid a week on computers was a whole
bag of fun.

Interestingly my collecting stopped in April 2008 when I ran out
of space. I have not made any bids for Amiga computers since that
date. Other Amigas have arrived here but those were gifted to the

Over the years I have been steadily refurbishing the A1200
collection and only yesterday was setting up another machine ready
for a 2.5" hard drive that is coming off the Bay. I was troubled
by a video cable connector and spent time sorting out one for the
1200. And so it goes on daily.

I have many times hinted at the numbers of A1200s I had but in
truth I have never quite established just how many there are. So
in the heat of July I started to put together a list. The final
number is 30 though in truth the number 30 is  subject to a
decision by the dubious goals committee. One  sadly is broken but
retrievable and I sense there is still one trapped in a box in
the small store cupboard. Either way 30 is a good number.

Many of these computers were in a bad way when they arrived here.
Some with broken keyboards, disk drives, mouse ports. They
generally had been hammered though some were in very good

The Analogic computer of 2002 is a complete replica of my  1993
Amiga complete with Blizzard and was purchased in the anticipation
of my beloved original A1200 falling over. That has never happened
so the computer stays in its box.

And I guess some reading this may say, why so many, why not sell
a few or give them to worthy Amigans. The answer to that is simple...
it would make me very very unhappy. I am an Amiga nutter. I have
spent years building up the collection and have spent so much time
not only repairing machines but also putting together all the
various peripherals, disks, books etc that would have gone with
the computers. Nothing but nothing is really ever left in a junk
state. So each and every one of these computers holds a very
special place in my life and I would be heartbroken losing any
of them. As I say I am an Amiga nutter and seriously if you had a
collection of something that valuable why on earth would you part
with any of them.

The Amiga 1200 for me is more than a computer. It is more than
the sum of its parts. It represents a time in my life when I was
on my knees and broken and needed a friend. The computer entered
my life and lifted my spirits and sparked a resurgence in my very
being. She was there every night I returned home from my busy
toils and never let me down. I am sure there are some reading this
that have been taken or bitten by the Amiga bug and even now
appreciate what it is to have a working Amiga in their grasp.
Some will have parted company but still wish deep down they could
again hear that gentle click of the floppy drive. For me I live
the dream every day and will do so until the day I die. BUT and
the big but.... they are all mine. I would not change a thing in
terms of collecting. And in truth if things were different I
would collect another 30.

To anyone that has an Amiga 1200 I say 'well done'. Please look
after your cherished and wonderful computer cus in truth she
represents probably the greatest computer ever made. I believe
that totally. I will not explain why but I will show you 30 of
them. I am so lucky to have so many 'girlfriends'.

A1200 - 1 thro' to 5

Amiga 1200 01

Emma such a clever girl. Also known
as Spike. 3.1 ROM 40.48 and 45.3 with
Analogic Squirrel Tecmar external SCSI
and a second external SCSI. Power
Computing CD-ROM and Iomega ZIP Drive.
Blizzard 1230IV Turbo with 32MB RAM.
Running off a Microvitec and Parnetted
to an A4000d. Two external 3.5 SCSI and
an internal 2.5" 450mb

The computer is used daily for ZIP disks.
and backing up ADF files from the A4000d.

Amiga 1200 02

Sam 39.106 and 40.42 with the external
ZIP drive running off the HiSoft Surf
Squirrel. Has an internal 500mb HD.
GVP Turbo 4MB RAM 68030 Zorro II
Series II SCSI GVP. And Microvitec.

This is my games machine.

Amiga 1200 03

My treasured Chantel from 1993
Blizzard 1230IV Turbo with SCSIKIT.
Kickstart 39.106 and WB 39.29 original.
The Blizzard SCSI KIT off the 32MB
Turbo RAM card supports Power Computing
CD ROM, 2 x external SCSI drives, Iomega
ZIP drive. Ethernet PCMCIA networked.
Power Computing HD external floppy.
Vidi Amiga and TechnoSoundTurbo
all running off the Microvitec.

Trinkets are like lucky charms and
if work for me never leave my side.
Lisa Leob has been there since I
successfully installed my first
accelerator. The wrestler has been
there since day 1... No idea. Don't
know where it came from and I certainly
don't like wrestling. He's my Mr T
and tells me to get it together when
I'm flustered.

The games in the disk box are the best
cover disk games ever released.
Lisa Doig was the first Andromeda set
that I burned and was able to use on
the Amiga. Karen Mulder is a my GHOST
animation set.. the first. PPaint is on
that very tiny CD which works on the ROM.
And Clara Veiga needs no introduction.

Its a feng shui thing with me. When
everything is working in harmony then
you'd be a fool to move it around.

When the computer is idle I have a
DPaint animation running in the background.
I have hundreds of them. The one shown
is Clara Veiga. I just grab off the DVD
using VidiAmiga and edit in DPaint and
run from DOpus. Much better than seeing
a Workbench screen.

Essential DPaint commands.

I tend to only use ZIP disks. Mostly
cus I have so many Amigas with SCSI
and also I have a number of PCs with
ZIP disks. With FAT and CrossDOS I can
read PC format disks and so move stuff
around so quickly. Also.. Amiga files
are so small. I can copy my whole WB
to one ZIP as a back up. So easy.

I have all my essential reading material
located behind this Amiga.

When switching on the last thing I power
up is the Amiga. I have the Canon Bubblejet
there but never use it. Have never used it.

Fast enough for me with oodles of RAM

Like I have enough VOLUMES... I have
to have a small book with all the names.

The computer is also networked to PCs.

Amiga 1200 04

KS 39.106 WB 39.23 and recently
Tumoon got the new 2.5" 40GB drive
and even the Apollo 1260... Seriously.

Tumoon was the subject of a series
of recent blogs so if interested
then flick through this months blogs.

Amiga 1200 05

TANK aptly named given that I bought
this from a soldier on Bovington Tank
Camp. Cost me 200 in 1995 and came
with a busted floppy and PCMCIA port.
The guy had small kids and they had
been stuffing things into the slots.

39.106 and 39.39. Bare machine
with no hard drive.

This was my second Amiga 1200
and once I repaired the floppy
drive I played games on the computer.

My first game if I recall was the
very wonderful Hilsea Lido.

OK that was Amigas 1 thro' to 5.
Only another 25 to go....

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