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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 17th July 2018: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - Sue is no Frankenstein

Amiga 1200 - Sue is no Frankenstein

Following on from yesterdays blog regarding my 30 Amiga 1200's
I was putting all the computers back into their respective places
and blow me, came across the empty case for Sue. Anyway, I got
to thinking and decided I couldn't leave her this way so I set
about this morning rebuilding from my store of bits and pieces.
By breakfast I had a working Amiga 1200, albeit with a few bits

And so Sue becomes Amiga 1200 31. Time for breakfast.

A1200 - Sue is No 31.

My A1200 salvage yard.

Seems to be more than enough.

Loadsa floppy cables.

Need to settle on a motherboard.

These boards I sense came from towers.
I use to buy junked and busted stuff off
Ebay so no idea if working.

OK we have a likely candidate.

Connecting an external floppy lets
you check the port connections plus
loading of the WB. Important that the
mouse port is working. The A1200 is
not socketed like the A500.

First floppy was not even recognised
which could point to a motherboard issue.

The second was activated but the drive
is broken.... but I knew that anyway.

DF0 is on the list so we are good to go.

Keyboard next.

Bloody wire came off the LED.

Caps light on and we have lift off.

Mouse works ... Excellent. Nearly done.

Time for the acid test as they say.

I need to pot the red and position
myself on the black. As you do ...

Case screws all replaced.

Label is updated.

And another A1200 lives to fight
for another day. Classic....

And so Sue is No 31


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