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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 18th July 2018: Post 03: Amiga 500 - Clever Sturff Part III

Amiga 500 - Clever Sturff Part III

I am not absolutely sure just how to interpret the creators of
this device in their commitment to only use the attachment with
PD software and personal software .....

Quote ... Datel Electronics neither condones or authorises the
use of it's products for the reproduction of copyright material.

With just a cursory usage of the various tools etc I found that
it was more than a little easy to dig very deep into software
and circumvent various processes. I am not sure just how easy
this is to use on say a game with copyright protection as I
didn't try but it appears it would work very much the same.
Dunno.. maybe not.

The Datel Electronics Action Replay II did not work with the
Amiga A500 Plus with the 2.0 ROM. I tried three units. However
the Action Replay version III did. So I flipped back to my
Amiga 500 inside the 500 Plus case and like magic the Action
Replay II worked. What you do is load the Workbench and flick
the Freeze button and you enter a blue screen. On that screen
you can enter any number of commands as listed in the manual
to copy, interrogate etc the processes going on in the Amiga
and then replicate them to say another disk. You also get a
whole bag of disk operation processes similar in many ways
to DOS commands on a PC.

I did the same with various disks and once I clicked the
Freeze at any time in the disk or software processes I was
inside the command centre of the Action Replay. And when I
say in command you really are. I can only assume that it works
like a buffer tracking everything through the unit and holding
it there for a while before shooting it back out into the
Amiga for action. Bit more complex than that I am sure.

Once you start to dig a little deeper you really are in the
realms of DOS command line style utilities and you're flying.
I had a whole bag of fun with this and can already see some
very useful applications I can utilise this with. I was going
to put the thing away, but for now I'm keeping it out.

Only useful if you have the side expansion on say the 500.
Saying that I have similar devices by Datel for the Amiga 1200.

Datel - Action Replay

Couldn't get the Version II
working on the A500 Plus.

The Version III worked on the Plus.

I swapped out the Plus for a 500.
[albeit in a Plus case.. Don't ask].

And the Version II worked.

You really need to get the manual to
understand the processes. However with
just a sprinkling of commands the rabbit
hole does go down a good way.

DO NOT PRESS F1.. with the volume up.

I may just come back to this when I
have spent a bit more time playing.

This really is Clever Sturff.

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