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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2018

Entry 19th July 2018: Post 01: Amstrad PC1512DD - Fingers Crossed

Amstrad PC1512DD - Fingers Crossed

I am not taken to Jinx'n acquisitions before they arrive but I
couldn't help just posting a comment that I may finally have gotten
hold of two small important parts to my Amstrad and Atari jigsaw.
I shall say no more.. other than I thought I'd fire up the 1512
just to see she was working OK

This computer released by Amstrad in 1986 was both very popular
and very cheap. There were eight models in the range and this one
is the DD version with the two 5.25" drives. It is running on a
CM or colour monitor though it could very easily be a monotone.

Sadly the Amstrad mouse for this computer is incompatible with
serial mice and can cause problems with DOS programs. The keyboard
has an Atari joystick port which is cool.

Digital Research were disappointed they didn't get exclusive rights
as Amstrad licensed both MS-DOS 3.2 and Digital Research DOS Plus.
DOS-Plus was able to read CP/M disks. One feature of the GEM windowed
system was the access to RPED. This text editor is Roland Perry's
EDitor, a creation by Amstrad given that CPM came with no text
editor... I love this application.

No fan as the PSU is in the monitor. Some suggested an overheating
issue though little evidence of this. Also possible conflict with
hard drives.

Given that this was a creation of 1986 I think it is quite a
remarkable bit of kit and certainly one that I was familiar with
in the years it was launched, as I was instrumental in bringing
the machine into  the office at the time. I was lucky enough to
have the computer for  quite a few months to test and I couldn't
get enough of the machine.

This completes my base set of Amstrads of the period CPC464, CPC664,
6128, PCW8265 and 9512. I have no problem with the Amstrad range ,
given that I was a dedicated user from 1987 thro to 1993.

I also have the hard drive version of this computer. Both work .

The Amstrad PC1512DD built in the UK in 1986.
Has a full stroke keyboard with function keys and numeric.
Runs on an Intel 8086 at 8MHz. RAM was 512K up to 640K.
The graphics have an Amstrad specific mode plus CGA.
The internal speaker has a volume control.

This computer is incredibly quiet and you could be forgiven thinking
it wasn't working when first switched on. There is no HD or fan so
other than the floppy going round there is no noise. The computer
goes through a memory check and systems check when booted and then
will boot the floppy if in the drive. Without the second disk in
drive two you get the requester.

The GEM interface is classic and is so Atari in its style. Not sure
which came first. I have to say I love this machine. Great fun.

Amstrad PC1512DD

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