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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 6th July 2019: Post 01: Amiga PD - Assassins

Amiga PD - Assassins

Has this been a frustrating couple of days or what ? I went in
search of three Assassins disks to do a feature and foolishly tried
again to use the little capture box to record the disks. Big
mistake. Anyway see the third blog here to discover what went wrong.

To the Assassins. They really shouldn't need any introduction to
Amiga enthusiasts. Pick up any Amiga magazine of the day and you
will see PD houses featuring packs of Assassins disks for utilities
as well as games. Many of my PD disks have Assassins disks within
the catalogue. I even have a CD just of Assassins disks.

The three disks I wanted were the ones featured in Amiga Shopper
PD special. A very thick volume. They were not that complimentary
and I kinda was wondering why. So I found three of the disks. The
ones I have are updated versions I think, though the basic content
seems about the same.

Having had a good nose round the disks I kinda take the points made
and found the disks to be relatively useless. Whether I would have
agreed in the day I don't really know. However I do have other
Assassins disks and they are just magic.

Anyway I did a kinda feature on the three disks in a video plus a
second video clip showing a recording off an Amiga monitor to show
that the screen wording doesn't bounce all over the place, as it
does with the little video capture box. More on that later.


Assassins Handy Tools I, II and III and For error purposes

Amiga PD - Assassins

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