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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 8th July 2019: Post 02: Amiga Degrader - RELOKICK

Amiga Degrader - RELOKICK

Pick up any box of copied Amiga disks and I guess there will be a
number of titles that you are likely to find. One very high
probability is RELOKICK which was a very popular degrader that
allowed you to play A500 titles on an A1200. Man I would have
been so lost without this little wonder in the day.

So how does it work. Quite simple really. Just boot up the Amiga
and then do the old CTRL-LAmiga-RAmiga with the RELOKICK disk in
the drive and when you get to the 'All operations OK, kicking up!'
line just remove the disk and the next thing you will see is the
Workbench requester for 1.3. And you are in A500 mode.

The APE PD disk I have for 1.4 credits Galahad of Dual Crew for
the software. And Version 2.0 ROM 34.5 Copyright AB Corp 1992.

So in the video below I first fire up the Amiga and try to play
ManicMiner without RELOKICK. And then in the second video I fire
it up having first installed RELOKICK. And it works every time.

You can find RELOKICK on CUAmiga Disk 52. There were numerous
degraders in the day but RELOKICK was the only one i used.


Left video without - Right video with RELOKICK

Amiga Degrader - RELOKICK

Again sorry for the poor quality
captures, but you get the idea.

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