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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 9th July 2019: Post 01: Amiga 1200 - Risa is so hot ! Or not.

Amiga 1200 - Risa is so hot ! Or not.

Man is it hot at the moment. With the computers on, the house just
starts to heat up and there is very little I can do to get the
temperature down. So once the thermometer reaches the 28 C level
I just shut up shop and do other things. Last year I lost close
on two months of activity on the computers. Seems to be getting
worse with each year. Happens.

So what of Risa. Well, Risa is one of those computers that has
been broken for a very long time. Not really fair to be honest
given that I did buy a number of broken machines just to swap out
parts. Also I received towers and collections where the A1200s
have been dismantled and parts removed for various projects. Risa
is one just machine that is the remnants of Amiga projects etc.

The sticker on the base of the machine generally reads ' DEAD '.
This was a touch harsh as there is actually life in the A1200.
For me the annoyance with the computer is that none of my other
A1200s have perished rubber feet. On this computer the rubber
pads have literally melted and have become very sticky. I did
keep the computer as a reference to what can happen but decided
it was time to rid myself of the rubber menace.

So with the feet removed I decided to check out that other Amiga
peril, that of leaky capacitors. I have yet to discover a leaky
capacitor in all my years of photographing the Amiga. Maybe Risa
has one lurking within the case, destroying the motherboard. I
first spent some hours familiarising myself with likely hot spots
and decided I would fully remove the board from the case and

With the motherboard removed I got up close and dirty to Risa and
went over her with a fine tooth comb. And what did I find? Nothing,
not a sausage. I did look very hard as you will see from the
photographs. If these capacitors have leaked they must have very
quickly evaporated the contents to the air leaving not a trace,

I also checked over a couple of the other busted boards I have
that are the two other basic revisions of the 1200. You can
generally tell the revision from the way the mouse-port is attached
to the motherboard. Either solid attached, or via a small ribbon or
via a separate small daughter board.

The computer does register power, and the floppy when attached
does try to power up. There is a faint flicker on the screen and
then she dies. I have studied the motherboard and tested several
times to determine it's total Gravure breakdown cus the silly girl
went and got her self married and has stopped now performing... er
sorry. Wrong Risa*. In truth I have no idea why she is not working.
All I trouble myself with is if there is anything in the computer
that is eating away at what is left. From my studies I see no
reason for alarm.

So I updated the sticker and reflected on what it would be like
to have a fully functioning Risa* in the collection. And then I
went and had a very cold shower.

Reference to the very lovely Risa Yoshiki
... All I said was her computer was broken !!!


Risa on her back and front ... Ooh er !!

Amiga 1200 - Risa is so hot ! Or not.

Enter two more broken boards

There is a 'corn' crop circle on this
last picture and no capacitor the other
side. I suspect a label .. but hey.

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