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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 9th July 2019: Post 02: Readme First.

Readme First.

Security Alert !!! This site may just throw up a security alert
when logged in. So funny. There is no interactive content on this
site requiring visitors to log in or use personal data. There are
no interactive blogs, adverts, cookies etc. All pages are crafted
with Notepad and use no other software. Consequently I do not
need to provide a certificate. So you are pretty safe.

I guess I should have written this a long time ago. Anyhoo !!!

Be aware when reading my blogs that I have no skills what so ever
in electrical engineering. I cannot diagnose electrical faults.
I barely understand electricity and still cannot use a multimeter
or a soldering iron.

My understanding of computers is very limited. I have never
programmed a computer in any detailed way. I have no understanding
of the basics of computer languages and wouldn't have the first
clue how I could write scripts to make the computer utilise its
machine code or basic core components.

I only ever dabbled in BASIC and CP/M and mostly for file management
and data storage. I have spent a considerable time as a CAD operator
and have used AutoCAD to design, detail and manage large projects.
I guess I am computer literate when it comes to word processing
and technical detailing. Saying that I hate and detest spread sheets.

My love of computers is based in the fascination I have for being
able to use a computer as an extension of my own mind. I enjoy
greatly using the computer to store my thoughts and to retrieve
very quickly information, images, sounds, artwork, scripts and data.

It is rather sad that my beloved collection of computers is slowly
dying. I know that the components are failing. I know that I often
cause damage to the things I cherish in my efforts to maintain
and retain. I try my best and I work so hard to keep what I have
in working order. However age defeats me. I cannot defy the natural
ageing process. I am not skilled sadly in the repair and refurbishment
of electrical equipment. I try my best but in a very limited way.

My world is a private place and what happens here stays here, to
quote Forrester. I live for my life, though am happy to share with
anyone that wants to read what I do. I am careful not to preach
about subjects I know little about. I keep my technical comments
to the minimum and will often qualify what I say with a joke or
a half comment of nonsense.

I apologise to anyone that comes here seeking solutions to problems.
My advice is to look elsewhere and discuss with people that actually
know what they are talking about. Cus I don't. I am an architect
by profession and trained in a quite different discipline. All that
I do with computers is for my own selfish benefit to feed my passion.

And so why do I have so many computers. I actually don't know. I
guess I have a screw loose and fell on my head at some time in my
life. I don't drink, smoke, take drugs etc. I do like tea, though
cups sit here often going cold. Like now. I have always loved the
computer and my addiction is unwavering. I will go to the grave
surrounded by my machines. It is sad that one day the collection
will probably be thrown away. All that I have acquired simply
discarded to make way for a family to use this house. I do not
regret my years collecting computers, cus they make me truly
happy. What I do regret is not finding a route out of this place
for the collection after my death.

If you ever want to understand my dilemma then just watch the film
Finding Forrester and then you may understand a little.

For now though, when you visit these pages be very very wary of
what I say, cus for the most part it is offered in pure ignorance.


Glad we cleared that up. And by the way my real name isn't scuzz.


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