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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 10th July 2019: Post 04: Amiga 1200 - Tower Stuff.

Amiga 1200 - Tower Stuff.

This stuff represents the first wave of destructive efforts to rid
the world of the Amiga 1200 in its base stock case. During the mid
to late nineties I saw so many Amigas split open and their innards
thrown into towers. The remnants of this process eventually found
their way onto Amibench where I acquired quite a bit of kit.

Sadly the affected Amiga 1200s didn't ever really recover. You see
less and less of the computers on the Bay these days and life for
the poor towers was pretty unforgiving. Once set up to compete
with the PC it was never going to achieve the same standard, and
or ever be capable of upgrading so readily.

Companies like EyeTech vanished from the scene and the Amiga tower
as it was disappeared into the Amiga archive. I still have a few
but wasn't a fan then, and am still not a fan now.

So what next for the Amiga after the tower slaughters of Amiga
stock. Well there are now two distinct attacks on the remaining
stock. The first is the Gotecki brigade that still want to make
the Amiga into a modern computer by basically making it into
something it never was and in truth doesn't need to be.

And then we have the more lethal army of destroyers and these are
the guys that make out they are keenly interested in the Amiga but
actually are more interested in making videos. And in making
their videos they insist on tearing the computers apart and
sticking them in the dishwasher and scraping the in-tumescent
coatings off just so they look pretty. Worse is that the electronics
such as capacitors have to be replaced even if the surgery is
unnecessary. This group feeds YouTube and are searching for your
thumbs up and no doubt advertising sponsorship.

Interestingly I still keep in contact with quite a few real
Amiga enthusiasts that I have known for many many years and we
never talk of retro-briting computers. We tend to talk about real
Amiga issues and just what we are doing to keep our humble computers
alive. The group is dwindling in numbers. I like to think of them
as Jedi Knights and slowly vanishing into oblivion.

By the way there was another wave of destroyers in the middle of
those two main protagonists and that was the Emulator Squad. These
guys didn't destroy the Amiga, but more simply dumped the kit in
favour of using a PC. Sadly the kit that wasn't sold on was left to
rot and only now are we seeing the battery drenched and rusty
carcasses of their once treasured machines on the forums.

I am pretty unforgiving of all three of these so called Amiga
users.... Makes me laugh cus all they ever want to do is download
endless games just so they can play, I assume on their big TV in
the lounge, in between bouts of Facebook, YouTube and Strictly.
Whilst true Amigans just keep their heads down as they always
have and actually use their kit. But its getting harder.

Sorry for that. So what do I have for you. Just some tower junk
that I keep in a box. I would try to use some of it, but it always
is at the cost of a proper Amiga. And I just don't need to hack
open any cases. My Amigas do just what I want... So 'No Need'.

Sorry if I insulted anyone there... Am I ? Not really.


The Tower Awaits

Amiga 1200 - Tower Stuff.

My Amiga Sanctuary


PS: This is what a real Amiga workspace looks like.
It's not pretty. It's just functional, as I use it
like all the time. Always have, it seems.


Happy Days

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