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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 15th July 2019: Post 01: Amiga - I love MUI and don't you forget it !

Amiga - I love MUI and don't you forget it !
Almost a line from a very old song that title. It sums up best
how I feel about MUI cus reading some of the comments posted on
so called Amiga blogs these days, you could be forgiven for thinking
none of these so called Amiga enthusiasts ever actually use their
Amiga as a ' computer '.

You know the Amiga is a computer ... Right ?

Applications like MUI appear to be kinda lost to the new WHLoad gaming community that think an Amiga is just for games and nothing else... or so it seems. What is worse is when asked to comment they either haven't got the first clue, or just spout nonsense incorrect facts about what applications like MUI are and their relevance to the world of the Amiga. For my part I spent a lot of time with MUI and it basically forms one of the core components of any A1200/4000 that I use, and there is never a user-startup that doesn't carry the assigns for this truly magic piece of software. I always registered my software as I have been very keen in my life to support the development of Amiga programs, applications and software. Without the support there would be nothing in the end. And Stefan Stuntz always emailed me to thank me for my support. Sadly the community we live in today, if you can call it that, live by the free download policy and generally expect everything and anything for nothing. I know this simply from the amount of requests I get for disks and the insults I receive when I refuse to oblige. It has been some considerable years now that I took all downloadable content from the site and it will never come back. And so to MUI and seriously one of the most rewarding packages ever released on Shareware for the Amiga. A big thank you to Stefan Stuntz. Link to the MUI website And I couldn't resist a bit of 1963 Perry Como . What a dreadful record.

I love MUI and don't you forget it !

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