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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 16th July 2019: Post 01: Amiga AmiBench - Made it Ez for me.

Amiga AmiBench - Made it Ez for me
As early as 1995 I was scouring the free-adds in papers to try to
find Amiga kit. I purchased a second A1200, an A500 and A600 all
from the local rag. I did buy new stuff from various magazines but
by close of Amiga Format in 2000 I was left high and dry when it
came to buying from magazines.

Fortunately my saviour came in the form of Amibench an online Amiga
second hand website that really was a mini marvel and provided me
with oodles of stuff. I also made some real friends whilst picking
kit up and would often return just to chat and pass the Amiga time.

Amibench became my primary source of getting what I needed in the
late nineties and early 2000s. So much so that I had the pages open
almost from the minute I switched on my computer.

In October 2002 I took advantage of a great little offer for a tower
and an Amiga 1200 plus loads of extras for the grand sum of 300.
The kit was probably the most rewarding collection I have ever
acquired given that both the tower and the 1200 became primary
computers for my Amiga world and are still used regularly even
today. I have featured the Ez-Tower on many occasions.

I have dug out some very early pictures of the kit just after it
arrived. For a good while I did nothing with the tower as it just
wasn't working when I first powered it up. Pictures in 2002 were
a touch smaller than today so I have produced a photo-album style
of image. I have no larger pictures. The old bench you see in the
pictures was thrown together to give me something to photograph
the collection on. Still in use today.

I also managed to find my EyeTech manual with the guide for the
tower. The real purpose for these towers was to have a Windows
based unit and motherboard on one side and the Amiga on the other.

First though I show some example images from the AmiBench site
which sadly closed its pages in 2007. The efforts of Mark Wilson
should be applauded by the community for the years of dedication
providing a market place for the Amiga. Hope he doesn't mind me
showing a few snapshots of the pages.

I do miss Amibench. What is more I miss the plethora of gear and
Amiga stuff that I could buy with little or no hassle. I acquired
my 4000T from the pages of AmiBench for 750.

Happy days and sadly missed.

Anyhoo.. today I received an Elvira cover from ZERO and a fresh
2.5" hard drive for a lucky 1200 all the way from China. I guess
I won't knock Ebay in truth. Fingers crossed they carry on trading.

What I bought off AmiBench 2nd October 2002

Desktop A1200 c/w Appollo 030 accelerator inc MMU/FPU/040mhz and 16 Meg onboard RAM 3.1 Roms/OS3.9 installed on 850 meg HD with plenty of software also installed C= 1084 Monitor with cables external speakers/power supply/mouse/joystick/joypad Mach 2 (mouse & joystick connector) plus various floppies/games/mouse mat etc etc PLUS Eyetech Tower housing Blizzard PPC 040/25/160 603e (with scsi & cable) & 64 meg ram onboard/A1200 m/b 1.2 gig HD c/w 3.1 Roms & OS3.9 + more software 4 way IDE interface/scan doubler/keyboard interface with A4000 keyboard/16 speed CD rom/2 speed CD rom 2 floppy drives/VGA monitor + all leads PLUS A3000 keyboard/mouse/joypad/2x spare 1200 m/b`s/ 3x sets of 3.0 Roms/2x port juniors/8 meg expansion card/ 2x 16 meg & 1x 4 meg 72 pin simms/spare floppy drive/ Canon BJC 4100 printer (with cable)/external speakers/ 33.6k ext modem & various scsi leads/connectors/power leads/ide cables/more floppies/games/Amiga mags and some Amiga CD`s. First offer of 300.00 or over secures. If no buyer by Saturday 05/10 then it`s gone................... This all weighs about 50 kgs so collection or local delivery would suit. Possible trip further away considered if interested. Will not split. Can be seen working. Cheers Amibench.


Inside the Case - Booting the machine

Motherboard - Red Herring

See earlier blog on 13th June for related article to videos.

Amiga AmiBench - Made it Ez for me

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