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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 17th July 2019: Post 01: Amiga PD - Deltrax.

Amiga PD - Deltrax
Just a quick blog today. I have been mooching around in various
disk boxes of late hunting down various software programs and I
was taken by how many PD disks I purchased myself in the day. This
tended to happen more in the later years when new programs for
the Amiga started to dry up.

I became a frequent flyer with companies like Epic etc and kept a
folder filled with all my various interactions. I was digging
through the tower folders and found my PD folder and again marvelled
at the catalogue pages of hundreds of disks on offer. I came across
the DELTRAX CAT or catalogue and decided to feature it here, plus
a sprinkling of disks from one of my smaller PD disk boxes.

In amongst the pages and pages of Amiga stuff there is an old Escom
magazine, which even though they acquired the Amiga did not promote,
advertise or show any images of a single Amiga. So disheartening in
the day, and even more so as I ventured into the shop to find very
little Amiga stuff on display. They hoped I guess that the Amiga
community would migrate to the PC.

As ever some picture for you plus a scan of the DELTRAX catalogue
of which I have a few.

Amiga PD - Deltrax

Don't be fooled into thinking there wasn't very
much software made for the Amiga. My goodness
it would take you a lifetime to use just half
of the released portfolio. Incredible really.

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