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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 20th July 2019: Post 02: A600 - Why do you do this to me ?

A600 - Why do you do this to me ?

So having failed to install a hard drive into the A1200 the other
day, cus the thing decided to spring the old hard drive back to
life, I dragged out an A600 as I had threatened with a busted
drive. This A600 was featured some while back having lost the
drive whilst backing it up.

I wasn't sure how successful I was going to be but I was up for
the challenge. Anyway as luck would have it I switched on the
tiny beast and the hard drive sprang back into life. So all I
could do was take a few boring snapshots, as you do and put her
back on her shelf.

You may note that this is post 02 for today. So where is post 01?
Well here is the thing, I got really bogged down with IDEFix97
and finished up seeking help from the mighty Thomas over at
Amiga World Net. Well one thing lead to another and before I
knew where I was I had five Amiga 1200s on the bench.

The post remained open all day and I really have to do my daily
stuff in Tera tonight so Post 01 for today will follow on
tomorrow. I just have to take advantage in the break in the
weather given that its been glorious rain all day... wonderful.

Following are some really crappy pictures of an A600 working.
I do have to update my previous blogs regarding large volumes
on Amigas. All I can say is that my efforts were successful.


Video of A600 working and then with the A1200 working
Seriously where is the fun in that ?

Todays videos are for all those Amiga guys with
CF cards and clickless drives. As I explained to
Thomas I can't be running an Amiga without the
two'n'half and three'n'half drives, a whirring
and a clicking away. Just wouldn't feel the same.

A600 - Why do you do this to me ?

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