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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 24th July 2019: Post 01: Commodore Datassette or C2N Cassette.

Commodore Datassette or C2N Cassette.

Not sure Commodore knew what to call their datassette/cassette cus
on some they are called C2N. I just know this unit to be probably
one of the older of their range. The ones shown here are a little
weathered. I always reflect on the state of the  datasette as
being the type used in a cluttered badly lit smoke filled room
where a lone programmer is hard at work. Most have evidence of
cigarette burns and scratched cassette covers suggesting a hastily
ejected tape to save that all important program quickly that probably
took most of the night to forge.

The wires on these things are so large and just doesn't flex. The
later models are a little better. The 1530 white was for the
mainstream C64s with the 1531 designed for the Plus/4 with the
smaller end connector. It is possible to use an adaptor for the
C64 connector.

I plugged this lot together to have a play and a test of one of
my VIC-20s plus the VC 1541 5.25" floppy drive. She performed
perfectly and on standby I had my C64 reference guide which has
all my commands just in case I forgot Load "file",8 etc.

Amazing after all these years that you can simply plug the kit
together and throw in a 5.25" or cassette tape and it all works.
The VIC 20 has the external modulator adaptor thingy so I can
connect to the TV. It also has the square power connector for this
model which does differ. I am using the black and white TV so
sadly no colour.


Commodore Datassette or C2N Cassette.

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