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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 25th July 2019: Post 01: Commodore C64 Breadbin and 1541.

Commodore C64 Breadbin and 1541.

If you read the blogs regularly you will appreciate that what I do 
on a daily basis is drag my computers out onto the bench, give them 
a clean and check them over. After all this section of the website 
is dedicated to my daily diary of activity with the collection.

Today I pulled the C64 'breadbin' which was repaired some years
back and has been stationed on active duty for a good while now.
She is linked to not one 5.25" floppy drive, but five of the
Commodore various flavours. She in turn is used to test the
other drives. I do like to keep things working and running for
the most part without fault.

So having given her the old dust and wipe down I fired up the
computer and discovered the keyboard not working. DUH ! Just a
tip, do not try using the C64 with the NEOS mouse plugged in
without first running the software. With that sorted she now
ran without fault.

I checked over the floppy drive which always works just fine. In
doing so I formatted a disk and checked it plus copied and
transferred files from other disks. I then checked the tape drive
and all was running just fine.

I have to say the C64 is probably the best of the best when it
comes to reliability. I just never question whether the computer
will work. It just always does.

Commodore C64 Breadbin and 1541.

C64 in Clara Veiga heat.

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