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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 26th July 2019: Post 01: C64 with 1541 and the Strange Hole.

C64 with 1541 and the Strange Hole.

Struggling dreadfully with the heat here. Can't recall it ever
being this bad in truth. I keep a log of my daily life and just
checking through the previous years has thrown up the odd period
of intense heat, but never been so hot in the Workshop which
takes no direct sunshine and is trapped in thick masonry. So odd.

Anyhoo, I press on. I continue my checking of the C64s and this
little gem is used in the upper room to test out C64 games on
the large Toshiba TV. She is rock solid as is the 1541. Strangely
this 1541 has a small hole on the front which I guess was used
to switch something inside. I have never checked. And have no
desire to do so. This unit is the best of the best. Magic.

I used the Commodore Test disk to check one or two things. Then
I used it to format a disk and then copied the Check Disk file
and ran it from the copy. This does take a while.

She worked no problem, but then I wasn't surprised. She is
always reliable. I do have two other C64s that I use regularly
but am not planning photographing this time around. I do have
a couple of boxes I need to check. Tomorrow.

Back to the bloody sauna. Where is a rain cloud when you need it?

C64 with 1541 and the Strange Hole.

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