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ScuzzBlog: Diaries July 2019

Entry 28th July 2019: Post 01: commodore plus/4 .. why oh why ?.

commodore plus/4 .. why oh why ?.

The commodore plus/4 kinda is the exception to the rule when it
comes to reliability. I have a number of these units that are
broken, and yet most of all my other Commodore computers from the
early era work no problem. And yet I open the computer up and can
see no reason why she doesn't work.

Sadly I am not an electrical bod and have no skills in diagnosing
electrical faults, and so she remains dormant until such a time
when someone skilled can take a look.

I have pointed out previously that when I started collecting on a
serious basis I often bought broken kit cus I just wanted to take
pictures for the website. It is only now that I demand more of
the collection..... SO WHY WONT YOU WORK ???

Never mind. She is still worth a close look. I have commented
before how I thought the plus/4 was a response to the invasion
of the MSX machines. I don't mind the build though I have never
warmed to the colour. I guess I'm more of a grey kinda guy.

So when I switch her on I get the power light and the screen
changes to a grey colour so something is happening. Fortunately
I do have working plus/4 computers. Kinda dull really. The size
is deceptive cus the computer looks small but it isn't that small.

And I really don't like anything that is named with a small letter
like say plus/4 or even scuzz ... er whoops !!


Why wont you work ?

commodore plus/4 .. why oh why ?.

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