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Entry 4th July 2020: Post 1: Softwood - The way we were.

Softwood - The way we were.

I don't seem to buy any software these days. I have most of what
I need and for everything else there always seems to be a free bit
of software available to download. Things did use to be very very
different and I was always buying software it seemed.

It is easy to forget that during the heady days of the Amiga there
really wasn't a great online resource, and knowledge about products
came via the various Amiga magazines. So much of what I obtained
in the day was first tested using cover disks. If I found the
software beneficial the magazines often had special promotional
offers as part of the cover disk issue.

One such company that I used to great benefit in the day was the
company called Softwood. At first it was the Softwood File database
software which I found to be very easy to use. Having purchased
the software the company kept in touch and corresponded with other
products from their range. The leaflets were always very colourful
and informative. Over the years I obtained several more software
applications and generally referred to Softwood when I needed

The same went for Digita and EuroPress who often sent me newsletters
and promotions. Having these contacts and a steady flow of literature
certainly kept me in touch with the current Amiga products.

I really have to pay credit to the good folk at the various Amiga
magazines, that not only provided the disks and guides but also went
to the extreme of writing special software reviews and guides. In
each case there was never a feeling of a heavy sell and the range
of software was always seen as a benefit and not some cheap way to
cash in on users.

It really has all changed today and no longer do I feel connected
to any kind of computer community. Sure there are forums and blogs
to interact with, but sadly there are no real serious purveyors of
computer goods with a keen interest in building a working relationship
with the end users, that not only aid and assist, but also guide and
educate. In truth that is reason enough for me not to buy stuff
these days. That and everyone wanting a free lunch.

Anyhoo, I was sifting through my paperwork and came across my sleeve
of Softwood stuff and thought I would share this with you. Those
cover disks really did work and I was very grateful of all the good
and generous efforts made by the magazines in the day. The Amiga
era may have been stuttering after the demise of Commodore but
those guys producing the magazines were having none of it.

Softwood - The way we were.

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