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Entry 5th July 2020: Post 1: Amiga 600 - Checking some boxes.

Amiga 600 - Checking some boxes.

I have two A600 boxed computers and a CD32 boxed under the desk
for one of my C64C machines. Today was my scheduled day for
checking that they were both still working.

First though I plugged in the A600 that I check regularly to make
sure the hard drive keeps working. Whilst tidying up recently I
discovered an A500 PSU brick with its own Commodore plug attached.
Checking the PSU with my normal test PSU I discovered it had the
switch at the opposite end and to one side. This is also the
heavier brick. Worked fine.

The trick with the A600 and the dodgy hard drive is to leave her
switched on for ten minutes and then do a soft reboot and like
magic the hard drive kicks into gear.

The second of my A600 boxes was a quite disastrous Ebay purchase
cus the seller didn't place the A600 inside any packaging and
then used parcel tape over the whole box. Little trick with
parcel tape and that is to use an electric hair dryer and apply
heat to the sticky tape and slowly peel away. The A600 in this
box still has the warranty seal in place and so has never been
opened up.

Another interesting point of note was that when you look at the
CD32 sticker on that box you can actually see through an A600
computer box sticker below. So Commodore were re-using old boxes.

Anyhoo... all computers reported working fine and keyboards were
functioning without fault. And so they were repackaged in their
respective boxes and placed back in store.

You may have noted that the DPaint III box was still with clear
cellophane wrapping. Amazing really.

Happy days.

PS Ignore sticker on base of one 600. Must have gotten mixed up
with another cus there isn't any issue with the floppy drive.

Amiga 600 - Checking some boxes.

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