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Entry 7th July 2020: Post 1: Amiga 1500 - The original Checkmate.

Amiga 1500 - The original Checkmate.

I have two original Checkmates. My most treasured Checkmate sits
with monitor and is used daily. Whereas this second machine stands
idle to the side of a Sharp computer. It is not a case of being
unloved, but more that I just do not have the space to have her
set up.

She was purchased as an original by the previous owner which means
it comes with its original box. It has never been expanded like
my other and remains pretty much untouched in terms of additional

The keyboard takes a forklift to place on the desktop and if it
fell on your foot would take it off. The floppy drive has a very
crude slot to receive the disks. I had to remove the plastic eject
button to save it from being accidentally knocked off.

Anyhoo she works, as I had anticipated and sadly now sits back in
the allotted slot to the side of the desk that holds her big sister.

The Checkmate is a quite wonderful idea and one that deserved much
better appreciation from Commodore. There was no reason why the
500 should not have found a more expandable home. I guess they
were just miffed they hadn't come up with the idea themselves.

Amiga 1500 - The original Checkmate.

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