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Entry 26th July 2020: Post 1: I have over 13300 Amiga disks - Day 6

I have over 13300 Amiga disks - Day 6

Last day of my review of Amiga disks in the collection and whilst
I have not photographed each and every disk I have recorded the
stored containers that hold most of my disks.

Today I turn to a very important collection of disks which are the
disks that are in general use. I class them as my working disks and
which have been put together over the years out of necessity.
Though I have all disks available for use, I do need special sets
of disks, ready and at hand for setting up computers and for loading
up hard drives and the like. Many of the disks are copies of my
originals which may have been customised for my purposes.

Additionally I keep special disk sets for specific kit, like the KCS
cards, 1060 sidecar and various graphics libraries for cards. The
sets have grown over the years and I am even still adding more to
the working set as I discover more useful and better software.

I also keep a batch of the most useful cover disks so to save time
hunting down specific disks. Some magazine covers are more useful
than others and my favourites have to be CU Amiga and Amiga Computing.

I do keep out some of my most favoured games where I am not able
to install onto hard drive.

The collection of disks are simply labelled 'X' on the box and are
contained often in home made disk boxes. These disks do generally
get hammered so having boxes that can take a bit of abuse helps.
In the boxes are also a lot of data disks for screen savers, icons,
AmigaGuides and examples of file types and image types. When I am
struggling to make sense of a problem I need to grab what ever is
necessary to check things out. I kinda know where all the disks
are so I rarely in this instance refer to a list. I do have the 'X'
disk sets archived but refrain from showing it here as it isn't the
most politely worded list as I tend to be more blunt sometimes.
Added to the fact it tends to be a moving beast and so gets hacked
around and changed at will.

You will note from the first box the lovely Clara Veiga who is my
representative female on all my machines as first up I generally 
place one of her DPaint animations as a screen saver.

Anyhoo that was that. Not all 13300 disks shown, but most of the
disk boxes. I'm sure if you have been following my blogs these last
few days you will understand where I am coming from.

Onward. Tomorrow is another day. And the clouds returned. Whoo Hooooo !!!

Happy days.

I have over 13300 Amiga disks - Day 6

Small collection of Clara Veiga DPaint screen savers.

UPDATE: 26 was incorrectly numbered

UPDATE: Corrected number 26.

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