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Entry 27th July 2020: Post 1: Atari BASIC Reference Manual

Atari BASIC Reference Manual

Back in May I was mucking around on the Atari and using BASIC and
became a touch frustrated as I didn't have my Atari BASIC reference
manual to hand. What is worse is that I couldn't find the manual.
Here is the thing, with any sensible version of BASIC you do not
need to set the string length before creating a string variable.
In Atari BASIC you do and I had forgotten so was pulling my hair
out trying to work this out. In the end I did it but it could have
been much simpler.

Anyhoo.. I found my manual which had fallen behind a monitor and
so dragged out the 400 to have a play. Please note that the early
400 and 800 require the special BASIC cartridge installed as BASIC
is not built in to these models.

I took the opportunity to capture some of the more BASIC commands
on camera and I have included them here. I don't mind the odd way
Atari deals with BASIC, but it does become problematic when I don't
have the information to hand. Not the first time I have had a run
in with Atari ... and it wont be the last. That I am sure.

It rained today and is cooler. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Atari BASIC Reference Manual

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