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Entry 29th July 2020: Post 1: Fantasy or Science Fiction

Fantasy or Science Fiction

If you ever get involved with writing forums you will understand
the significance of fantasy over science fiction. The rule being
that fantasy can be science fiction, though science fiction cannot
be fantasy. Simple rules apply and in fantasy anything goes. Whereas
in science fiction you can be called out on some of the science
facts if this forms the basis of your world.

I guess my science fantasy [ sorry for that ] is steeped in my
love for the computer and technology. Whilst fantasy worlds, such
as those found in Dungeons and Dragons classics are interesting,
I tend to find science fiction fantasy a quite bottomless pit of
ideas, which are best generated both in digital art form and in
the 3D world of the modern film CGi. I do not care for defined
perimeters to any subject matter and prefer to be educated by
the story teller and learn from the experience. Stories that have
their substance based in science fact are subject to critical
assessment based on your knowledge base. The sad thing is that in
many ways Star Trek and Star Wars have fallen victim to science
fact as the fan base knows way too much about the science of the
fantasy fiction subject.

To my point ... In all my years of mucking around on the computer
I have enjoyed the imaginary worlds created by games makers. Some
of the worlds and 'engines' as they are known are quite breath taking.
I have been moved to spend way too much time in the creation of a
games designer in favour of the boring world that I live in. Stories
and games that stretch the boundaries of the mind and open up a
world where only the creators rules apply, are quite adventurous
places to dwell.

In support of this passion I have collected quite a few magazines.
These have been mostly art technique magazines though they do
feature the works of certain artists. I am always puzzled by the
tendency to show strong women in fantasy roles on the covers of
these magazines, which often have nothing to do with the content.
I sense it is  throw back to days when pictures of women on the
covers of magazines were very popular. Anyhoo when you have braved
past the colourful covers you do find wonderful worlds to explore.

When I pick up a batch of these magazines as I did the other month
when I photographed these covers, I was saddened that I no longer
venture into newsagents to buy such publications. The magazine
featured is still available so maybe I should indulge myself. Not
a bad idea.

And so if you ever get embroiled in a discussion about fantasy art
or stories be sure to appreciate that Lord of the Rings is fantasy
and Star Trek is science fiction. Never refer to the latter as
fantasy or you will be dragged up Mount Doom and cast into its

As for my stories they tend to be steam punk science fantasy
fiction with a sexual overtone and a demonic twist. Just your
run of the mill off the wall stuff that makes zero sense. I often
think that words or sounds of words can be used lyrically and I
often just invent a word cus I couldn't find a normal one that
fits the mood.

I have again started yet another story and this time the main
character discovers a portal in his garden that transports
visitors from a place called Etheria.... A different adventure
with every visit. Involves an owl , a duck and a cat. Seriously.

Fantasy or Science Fiction

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