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Entry 2nd July 2022: Post 1: Amiga - Subbuteo The Computer Game.

Amiga - Subbuteo The Computer Game.

If there was ever a game 'not' suited to conversion to computer then
Subbuteo has to be it. The original game created by Peter Adolph
in 1947 was an attempt to bring table football to the home. The
nature of the movement of football figures was very crude and it
simply involved the flicking of pieces in an attempt to hit the
ball and not the opposing team player pieces. The dynamic was in
the skill of moving your Subbuteo footballer so that you maintained
control of the ball with the intention eventually of scoring a
goal. Whilst I appreciate the nature of the original I cannot for
the life of me understand why you would limit yourself to such a
crude form of gameplay on a computer. Bonkers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my years of playing Subbuteo with friends.
It was a great way of spending those rainy cold days when going
down the pitch with a real ball was a little weathering. With a
little practice you really could master the movement of the
pieces, and trust me, the sensation of pleasure when scoring a
goal was most rewarding. No replays, no computer rulings just
good old 'jumpers for goalposts' friendly real time decisions.

The computer tries to mimic the real game and involves a couple
of deft finger controls to move your football pieces. The pitch
is three dimensional and you can swing the camera view around. It
all works very much like the Subbuteo game but really is crying
out for Sensi-Soccer style game play. Having progressed the
technology to a level where real time character movement was a
mechanism in computer games, why use 1947 shackles to force you
to play this way. I love Subbuteo, but seriously hated this game.

I did try at first to play the game using the adf swiped from the
internet but was unable to get the game working on the emulator.
Instead I powered up an actual Amiga 1200 and the game ran with
no fault. None of the colour banding loading screens or long wait
time to get started.

The game by Goliath Games is the creation of John Jones-Steele,
Doug Mathews and Chris Bliss. Adapted by Adrian Earle. Graphics
by Philip Curtis and Caroline Lewis. Music by Teque. Significantly
tea and sympathy was provided by Lesley Gbel. Game dates from 1990.

The original Subbuteo I played was the Continental Display Edition
and dates from around 1970 in the year that Bobby Moore was accused
of stealing a watch while on England Duty in Colombia. I recall this
very well as I was playing Subbuteo with a friend called Terry Majorowitz.
I exchanged a pair of battery free 'walky-talkies' for his game
plus a few boxed teams. I eventually gave my Subbuteo sets to my
nephew Andrew Jones in 1989.

My advice to anyone who wants to play football at home is buy a
copy of FIFA for any of the main consoles. Seriously much better.
To anyone still playing Subbuteo I just have to ask 'WHY?'.

Amiga - Subbuteo The Computer Game.

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