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Entry 3rd July 2022: Post 1: Amiga - Spirit of a community.

Amiga - Spirit of a community.

There was a time when activity on the Amiga groups was so intense
it would keep me active all night into the early hours. Not only
were Amiga posters keen to help and assist, they were more than
happy at times to donate so much to needy causes. I have received
so much from fellow Amigans over the years which often fostered
sincere friendships that lasted decades.

The spirit of the community can be best reflected by the actual
record of their time with the Amiga. This can be measured against
the informative and rich posts threading through various subjects
littering Amiga forums and groups. Sadly, Yahoo chose to close
down their group sites and with it the loss of so many Amiga posts.
Fortunately the groups were based on an email system and so I still
have most of the group posts I was active on. Still sad all the
same to lose so many contributions from Amigans.

In building the collection I have been gifted kit and software
and with it whole collections of disks. It is important to keep
software with hardware as it best explains and informs the true
history of someone else's collection. Very often the answer to a
specific problem can be found by interrogating disks and labels.
No individual Amiga user was more generous than a close group
friend called Colin. He not only gave me his entire collection
but also his software and disk collection. A keen Amiga 1000 user
he meticulously recorded all details on labels attached to kit and
software. I have any number of his disk boxes and the disks offer
a keen understanding of the life of this particular Amigan.

In addition to floppy disk sets I have also received copies on CD
of Amiga users own software collections and computer set-ups. I
received from the States a CD filled with a fellow Amiga group
user's collected software. Another guy keen on AMOS not only gave
me a disc of his hardrive contents but valuable AMOS PD sources
and discs. A group user in London gave me his SX32 plus tower and
provided me with discs of his software and operating systems. The
amount of data I have on CD is endless.

For anyone that can hook up a CD to an Amiga it really is a very
rich and rewarding way to transfer data as you also have the
option to use the CDs on the PC with the emulator. In addition so
many of the more notable disk collections are available on CD. I
do find the CD a very quick and easy way to track down software.

Anyhoo... I just wanted to reflect yet again on the magical and
sincere community of Amiga users that have contributed to my
collection over the years. To each and every one of them I thank
you from the bottom of my heart.

Amiga - Spirit of a community.

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