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Entry 4th July 2022: Post 1: Amiga Game - Ports of Call.

Amiga Game - Ports of Call.

Following on from my review of the early Amiga 500 years I was
intrigued by the numbers of compilation packs made for the A500
and the versions that found their way into early presentation
boxes. The early boxed Amiga packs were less adventurous than the
later more colourful types. Saying that a number starter packs
were shipped with compilation packs put together by the Disc
Company. I have been on the search of these sets for a while and
whilst I have many of the disks I have failed to secure an actual
pack of the disks. A number come onto the Bay but rarely have the
full compliment of paperwork and manuals.

Anyhoo... one of the games very often included with the sets is
Ports of Call by Rolf-Dieter Klein and Martin Ulrich. The game
'ported' and 'shipped' [ get it ] over to the Amiga first appears
as early as 1987. It is present in the Discovery and Deluxe packs
by the Disc Company. These can date around the 1990 era.

For a single disk game there is surprisingly a lot of things to
do when managing your shipping fleet. I hadn't realised just how
detailed a game this was. You start by investing in a ship or
ships and build your line hiring out your vessels for trading
across the various ports of the world. The ships do need heavy
maintenance and always watch your fuel status before setting out.
Negotiating docking at ports can involve a little mini game of
manually porting your ship. Not easy. Damaging your vessel will
need repair costs and the tugs that guide you in are not cheap.

A good game if you like management style games. This is not an
action adventure fast moving high seas type game. Worthy of a
play if you can get your hands on the game. I was able to copy
my disk and ADF it to use on the emulator. Lemon Amiga were very
kind in providing a manual and guide.

Anyway I am still on the hunt for a sealed compilation set. The
Deluxe version includes also Fusion Paint, Kindwords, Infofile
and Zany Golf.

Amiga Game - Ports of Call.

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