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Entry 8th July 2022: Post 1: This year I have mostly.

This year I have mostly.

Those that visit the site regularly will notice a decided lack of
blogs from end of April through June. This was due to my acquiring
a PS4. I had put off the purchase of the PS4 for a number of years
cus I had moved over to online gaming on the PC. In late 2019 I
made a return to the PS3 and then the XBOX360 after the PlayStation
fell over. Since then I have acquired two PS3s just in case.

The move back to the PS3 gave me time to catch up on a few titles
that I had missed and to pretty much conclude my PS3/360 era. I
have to say that the PS3 era had been pretty drab.

Jump forward to late 2021 and I finally finished TombRaider, the
one by Crystal Dynamics and determined that I would get the new
Tomb Raider along with a PS4. So I spent the first month of the
year researching various PS4 models on the Bay until I settled
on one that looked like it had had the least usage. On 23rd
February 2022 I was with PS4 and ready to rock and roll.

In the time from February to July I have played eight games and
I have to say I have not been disappointed. The games are as
follows and I intend gathering a few more over the coming months.


Came with the PS4 and is crap. Don't bother.

Nier Automata:

My beloved 2B finally on the big monitor. Man was this a blast. I
have concluded all the various endings and acquired most of the
goodies in the game.

The game features a couple of Androids sent to earth to combat the
robotic creatures that ejected human kind. The game has a very
strong philosophical overview and you can read a lot into the game.
For me its about playing with a sexy robot killing stuff. Always
fun and seriously played this way too much.

Final Fantasy VII Remake:

Incredibly well made game and a fantastic story. Ruined sadly by
the very poor combat system and the dreadful way they portrayed
Aerith in game. Graphics are stunning and the game is very very
entertaining, but it's not as good as the original.

Resident Evil 2 Remake:

Again a stunning game. Incredibly well made and thrilling to the
extreme. I finally caught up with Ada Wong and they were pretty
true to the original game. I cannot fault this game and I have
just started the Claire walk-through having completed Leon a month
or so ago.

Detroit - Become Human:

The game is about the fight by androids to be recognised as living
creatures with rights. Bonkers. The story follows three main
characters, each an android and their plight to survive. How they
do that is totally up to you as each of your decisions directly
affects the story line.

A great story which I hate to admit having concluded several times
is not technically a game. It's more like one of those books I use to
read that sent you to different pages depending on your choices.
The game is moody and really needed a spark to make it more fun.
Androids do not have a sense of humour sadly and this kinda makes
for often depressing play throughs. Prepare to rip off your face
if you let the main characters die.

The story is founded in a nonsensical premise and really is so
preposterous that it makes the game a bit silly. I can understand
that in time an android may develop a personality, but to suggest
that all androids no matter what age, even factory brand new, have
the power to be human. In the end I felt that rounding them all
up and recycling them was the sensible thing to do.

Saints Row The Third Remastered:

I didn't give the game much time and no doubt I shall return. Given
that I played the game to death only a year ago I didn't see the
point going through it all again. Great to have on the PS4 though.

Hitman 2:

What can I say.. seriously the 'bestest' game I have played this year.
Endless fun and endless ways of achieving your challenge. I just
lie awake in bed thinking of different ways of taking out the hits.

Hitman - Definitive Edition:

I guess I should have played this first. Man was this enjoyable.
The trick with Hitman is to kill everybody in your first run so you
can explore and find all the hidden items without having pesky
guards shooting at you. What I do is find a good location with my
back to a wall, behind an object and then just start shooting and
wait for them to come after you. Then with no guards just explore
the whole map. AND then do the game properly being the silent

I could play Hitman all day long and I have yet to play Hitman 3.

Games to come:

Tomb Raider [ Rising], Final Fantasy XV, FIFA Soccer, Uncharted
[ The Lost Legacy ], Horizon Zero Dawn, Last of Us Part 2.

OK and now to my dilemma. I stopped playing on the PS4 cus of the
heat building up in the room. I don't want to lose another PS.
It was my intention to carry on with the blog now whilst I wait
for cooler nights. Sadly the Death Star is now bearing down on me
again and with 28 degrees attained today I have to switch the
computers off in here. That means no more blogs. I move to the
cooler environment of the workshop as I always do for the summer.

I have no choice sadly as I cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Death Star:

So why is the sun a Death Star. The thing would consume us in
seconds without our atmosphere. The problem is that human kind
seem hell bent on destroying the one thing that keeps us from
burning up. AND YET.. the weather women on the BBC insist on
referring to endless summer days as 'NICE'. A term that is totally
subjective and depends on your circumstances. Nice is not a
meteorological term and should be reserved to descriptive chit chat
between friends. For me the symbol of the sun makes me reflect on
that Death Star and what it is capable of doing if I leave my
beloved computers on all day.


I will not brave long summer nights and endless sunny days. The
kit gets switched off until better times and I sense that means
September. I will soldier on for a few days more but if tonight
is any measure of temperature then sadly its game over for now.

Never mind, I'm sure some find the summer nice. Me I could well
do without it. Just stops me playing on my PS4.

PS: I was emailed by PlayStation to buy a PS5. How credible that
was given the chip shortages, I don't know. It'll be a few years
till I get a PS5. Probably when they bring out Nier Automata II.

This year I have mostly.

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