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Entry 9th July 2022: Post 1: Bullfrog- Powermonger . Wrong war it seems.

Bullfrog- Powermonger . Wrong war it seems.

Well, what-a-ya-know ... there is another Powermonger. Well I'll
be. I was trudging through loads of Amiga papers and I came
across this manual for Powermonger that looked very different from
the one I know. Even the image of the Bullfrog team was different.
I then noticed the additional wording in the title ... World War I
Edition. It was like I'd found an old pack of Airfix soldiers that
I didn't know I'd got.

Anyhoo I did some digging and discovered this later version. I do
have the disks and so I am guessing I have the box somewhere. My
procedure here has always been to take the contents out of boxes
so that I can store properly. Disks should always be stored vertical
in a dust free container.

So now the search begins for the box.

Powermonger is kinda like Populous. And if you don't know who
Bullfrog are and the game Populous, then there really is no hope
for any of us. Go FISH !!

I am well pleased by my find. I do enjoy uncovering little treasures
like that. Particularly one of such 'stupendous' quality.


Going now.... Bloody hot on here. 'The things I do for love'. Cue 10CC .. Kay Sorry for the Google advert frenzy Missing from the video is Godley and Creme Those 'Deceptive Bends' and the failed Gizmotron. I'm a mind of information. Shame they didn't have access to Morph on the Amiga. Nay mind aye!!

Bullfrog- Powermonger . Wrong war it seems.

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