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Entry 11th July 2022: Post 1: Installing Art Department Professional.

Installing Art Department Professional.

Following up on a blog on Amiga Org there was a query regarding
the install of Art Department Professional for the Amiga. Seems
that someone has the software and can't get the serial number he
has to work. I decided to check the install procedure and see if
the disks got written to during the process.

To do this I used ADFBlitzer to copy the six disks, 1-3 Program
Disks, Tutorial Disk and 1-2 Patch Disks. All were copied and
placed on ZIP before carried to the PC and transferred to USB
stick and then to this Win7 machine.

I used the ADF images of the disks so I could use the emulator as
I can produce better screenshots. Also avoids ruining and writing
to my actual floppy disks.

At no point did the installation try to write to the installation
disks. The disks themselves were for the most part LHA archives.
Once I had installed the software I received a request to insert
my name, organization and serial number. This I did and concluded
the installation.

The serial number is unique to the disks, I presume, so each set
released was anticipating a certain serial number. Sadly if you
do not have a serial number or an incorrect one then you're stuffed.
That is unless you can find someone prepared to make ADF copies
of the disks and supply you with their serial number. That would
work, cus basically that is what I did today using the emulator.

But don't tell anyone.

Anyhoo ... Bloody hot again. Never mind.

There's a little black spot on the sun today.
It's the same old thing as yesterday,
The Police King of Pain.

Its like I'm on Crematoria in the Igneon System [ Riddick ]

Installing Art Department Professional.

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