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Entry 14th July 2022: Post 1: Escom - Whiter than white. Part 1.

Escom - Whiter than white. Part 1.

One way to avoid retrobriting your A1200 and still have a gleaming
white machine is to hunt down an Escom A1200 from 1995-96. These
were sold generally as part of the Magic Pack and carry the Amiga
Technologies GMBH Trademark and logo owned by Escom AG.

For some reason the plastic on the Escom models does not degrade and
go yellow so badly. I have a number from the Escom era and they
generally are all very white.

What may be of interest is the software packs released at this time
which for me are still some of the best ever distributed with an
Amiga. What is sad is that the cover on the books Escom published
does go yellow. I have several and not one had maintained a clean
brilliant white finish.

Anyhoo.. Today for starters I feature the main software that was
distributed as part of the Magic Pack selection which includes:
Wordworth 4SE, Organiser 1.1, DataStore 1.1, TurboCalc 3.5 and
Photogenics 1.2aSE. They also released Pinball Mania, Whizz and

Interestingly the logo with the little red square over the 'I' in
AMIGA appears to go back to Amiga Development LLC which takes us
back to the Amiga OS3.5 release.

I pulled a few of my older Commodore books and found most to have
maintained their white covers, so Commodore were doing something
right I guess.

So in putting together your Amiga collection you should identify
the Escom Era from April 20-21 1995 to April 12 1996 and be aware
that kit from this era was made by Escom on the whole and was still
being sold as new as late as 2003. I know cus I bought an Amiga
Magic pack in 2003 new from Analogic in London.

Escom - Whiter than white. Part 1.

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