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Entry 15th July 2022: Post 1: Escom - Whiter than white. Part 2.

Escom - Whiter than white. Part 2.

Yesterday I discussed the software released with Escom Amigas back
in 1995-96, and today I feature a few of my own computers that are
from that period.

The first is an A1200 that I acquired from Bristol which I have on
standby and check the hard drive almost every single day. Inside
is a drive that became stuck due to inactivity. So I did the old
freezer trick and brought her back to life. Since then I have been
making efforts to keep the drive active. You can see the green
light to the floppy drive. There is also a very faint blue speckle
in the paintwork. This gives the paintwork a whiter than white

The second A1200 is my oldest Amiga Technologies machine dating
from 2001 and is called Spike. Basically that was part of a tower
and I rebuilt the thing. The guy sadly had used the wrong screws
and over tightened them and damaged the front face work. Spike is
used as a link up with an Amiga 4000d on a Parnet and has SCSI
external drives and ZIP. The keyboard appears to have slightly
faded over the years. She has an Apollo 040.

The third is the Amiga Magic Pack A1200 that I bought brand new
in 2003. She has a Blizzard 1230IV and has never been used.

The last beast is another de-towered A1200 that had previously
been inside a 3.5 inch drive. There is a slot in the back for the
ribbon to pass through so I hooked up a 3.5" IDE. I have the
A1200 sitting right next to me up here. She is on a sliding large
tray and so the drive sits at the back and can't be seen from
the top that is below the desktop. She is a great machine and is
truly whiter than white. Except when she gets endlessly hammered
creating my ADF files that are transferred via a ZIP off a Surf
Squirrel. The computer has a GVP Jaws 030.

I do have one or two other Escom machines that were released in
1995-96. Incredible that so many Amigas do date from this period
and yet the production only lasted just one year. Saying that the
A1200 wasn't in general circulation that long before Commodore
went bust, so its kinda lucky we still have so many around.

Anyhoo.. going now. Part three tomorrow.

Escom - Whiter than white. Part 2.

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