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Entry 16th July 2022: Post 1: Escom - Whiter than white. Part 3.

Escom - Whiter than white. Part 3.

The last three days I have been featuring the whiter than white
era of the Escom release of computers. The term refers to the
whiter longevity of the Escom machines in that they appeared to
yellow less. Sadly, as you will see from the following articles,
the Escom period for the release of these computers was to say
the least most short lived.

Escom appear in April 1995 and then by April the following year
were already in discussions with Viscorp to sell the Amiga. AF
were reporting in June 96 that Escom had sold the Amiga. From my
own experience of Escom, the company never seriously intended
selling Amigas. What their game plan was is unclear, but other 
than a handful of A4000 and T models, the Amiga 1200 Magic Pack 
was their only serious release of the Amiga. It's only contribution 
to the Amiga line was the 3.1 ROM, a batch of quite beneficial 
software and a case that didn't go yellow.

I guess the Escom era at least did try to give Amiga users hope
in the form of fresh hardware. Sadly it was so short lived as to
be but a blip on the Amiga timeline. Sadly this has been the
pattern of life for the Amiga since Commodore went under. The
platform's heart beats every now and then just to prove that
whilst still in a technological coma it still exists.

Anyhoo... if you have an Escom Magic Pack I would look after it
cus in truth it may just be more rare than an actual Commodore
Amiga machine. Blink and you may have missed the Escom era so
it's worth reflecting on these computers rarity. There is only
one thing more rare than the machine itself and that is any
reference to an Amiga in an Escom publication of the period.

Quite sad.

Escom - Whiter than white. Part 3.

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