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ScuzzBlog: Diaries June 2018

Entry 6th June 2018: Post: 1: Philips G7000

Philips G7000 - Videopac Computer with a pointless keyboard

All the way back to 1979 for this machine. For me it also meant 
difficult climb to the top shelf of the store room. Big box this.

I am filling in some of the spaces with more current larger 
pictures for the website. There are a good number of large boxes
littering the spaces at the moment. May take a week or so to clear.

The Philips G7000 Videopac Computer from 1979
Has no built in language though has a keyboard
Video gaming is via the two eight directional joysticks
The CPU is an Intel 8048 running at 1.79 MHz
RAM is 64 bytes (8048 internal) plus 128 Bytes
ROM is 1 KB for the system BIOS 
QWERTY-layout membrane keyboard

There was a cartridge released to write BASIC but without any way
of saving data it all was a little pointless on this machine

There were evidently more than 60 cartridges though I see 26 listed.
The TV connector is hard wired to the computer. There is no cover
to the cartridge bay on my unit.

Philips G7000

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