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ScuzzBlog: Diaries June 2018

Entry 7th June 2018: Post: 1: HX-10

Toshiba MSX - The HX-10 KIT

A little while back I did a feature on the very wonderful Toshiba
MSX HX-10. At that time I was unable to dig out the HX-10 Kit which
came with the Toshiba tape recorder and the various tapes and
books. Today I finally pulled the very large box from the shelf
and so am able to show the contents.

I have five of these units and three which are boxed. They really
are the best of the bunch for me. Incredibly well made and just so
easy to use. I have one unit out generally all the time so I can
use for testing stuff. Another one of those computers that had I
been exposed to in the day would probably have fell in love with.

Toshiba HX-10 made by Toshiba in Japan 1983
Uses Microsoft Extended BASIC MSX Version 1.0
Has a QWERTY mechanical keyboard
Works with the Z80A running at 3.6 MHz
RAM is 64 KB with 30 left for programming as such

Has the cartridge slot and the arrow keys.

The Toshiba HX-10 Kit

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