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ScuzzBlog: Diaries June 2018

Entry 7th June 2018: Post: 2: Enterprise Sixty Four

Enterprise Sixty Four - Egg on the Face

The Enterprise Sixty Four was originally called the Elan and weeks
before launch was served a legal notice forcing them to change the
name to Flan.... You gotta be kidding ' The Flan Enterprise '. True
though. The Enterprise Sixty Four as this model became was due to
be released in April 1984 as an Elan but then became a Flan overnight.
Mine just says ' Enterprise Sixty Four '.

The Enterprise is a Z80A based machine  and has 64K of RAM. There was
another model with 128 K of RAM. Both the RAM and ROM are expandable
to a whacking 3.9 MB. The unit has a full travel keyboard. A resolution
display of 256 colours and 8 octave sound built in. The computer pays
homage to the arrow keys on the MSX by incorporating an actual mini
joystick on the keyboard.

The computer uses Elan or Flans own BASIC command structure for taking
blocks of memory and loading directly onto the screen.

The computer has a cartridge slot for taking a 64K ROM pack plus twin
joystick ports , twin cassette ports , Centronic and RS423 interfaces.

The Enterprise is CP/M compatible.

One other thing, this computer is probably the sexiest home computer
ever made. I mean it really is a work of art irrespective of the
computers functionality. They really enjoyed making this computer.

Interesting bit of scuzz trivia. The first of these computers that I
purchased was missing the little green joystick so I went an bought
another. I travelled to the seller, who was a great guy and an IT
manager for a computing firm, where I met him, and we both checked
that the little joystick was in the box. He was amazed that I would
buy another computer just to get the joystick. The box to the other
computer is in much better condition, but I aint lifting that thing
out from under several large tubs.

Enterprise Sixty Four

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