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ScuzzBlog: Diaries June 2018

Entry 7th June 2018: Post: 3: Amstrad CPC6128

Amstrad CPC6128 - A blow from SEGA

It's a bit manic here at the moment with loads of boxes out and to
add to the chaos I took delivery today of my replacement SEGA
Mega Drive II for the CD II. Being the nutter that I am I couldn't
resist checking to see if the unit was working. So hooked the
Mega Drive up and all was well. I placed the power supply for the
drive on top of the Amstrad monitor and forgot it was there. Next
thing I know I'm moving the Toshiba HX-10 Kit box which blinded
my front view and as I turned I knocked the heavy power supply
which fell onto the CPC6128. Panic... The computer was covered
with a dust cover so I wasn't troubled by possible scratching but
there was always the chance of impact damage.

AND SO.. I unhooked my beloved 6128 and checked the unit over. There
are already a couple of scratches from sources that could have been
me. This computer does get a lot of use and sadly abuse. I have
three so do rotate them. This one seems to be my favourite.

These are pics for my benefit so I can record the current status
just in case I am up for chucking SEGA power supplies at the keyboard
again. I think she's OK... she better be.

Amstrad CPC6128

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