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ScuzzBlog: Diaries June 2019

Entry 6th June 2019: Post 01: SIM City 2000 - The Flibble Metropolis

SIM City 2000 - The Flibble Metropolis

This game is the true reason I first bought an accelerator for
the Amiga 1200. It was pure and simply a need to feed my addiction.
I felt so guilty at the time because so often during working days
of the week I would go to bed listening to the birds rising in
the morning and the sun coming up. I just couldn't put the thing
down. I recall it was the first time I coined the phrase ...
'I'll just do one last thing '. Like that worked.

I did buy the game for the PC but somehow it was never the same.
Interestingly the PC box has lost a touch of golden sparkle.

I created many cities but the best was Flibble. I toiled over
this city for months adding and changing the layout, until one
day I guess I beat the game, as it were. I no longer needed to
do anything. The city was in perfect harmony. The population
was happy and the money just kept piling up. None of my advisors
had anything to offer. I had made the perfect city.

The trick with SIM City is the bulldozer. Just level the whole
map and build a perfect grid of roads and railway tracks. Make
sure you zones are well apart and that you have clusters of
essential services at regular intervals. Avoid the road blocks
and make sure the underground pipework provides adequate supplies.
Simple stuff, but basic infrastructure on a grand scale needs to
be managed from the start. So decide on where the centre is going
to be and then build a large footprint of proposed roads, rail
and super highways, and then gradually fill in the squares.

And why Flibble? Well there is an episode of Red Dwarf where
Rimmer becomes a crazed mutant with hex vision having placed
Lister and Cat in Quarantine. He carries around a glove puppet
who he talks to called... you got it Mr Flibble.

I started the session today with Daniela but had to swap her out
when I discovered she already had SIM CITY 2000 on the hard drive.
So I shunted in Tumoon with the Typhoon and proceeded to install
the game. I tried again with the Samsung, though in truth I really
do not like the flat screens.

Later I switched back to my beloved Chantel, my first Amiga 1200
on which I played the game originally. I then took some pictures
of the Microvitec which is the monitor I used in 1994 when I played
the game through those long nights.

I have tried to play the game since but having achieved so much and
nearly ruined my career in the process I thought I would try something
a little more light on the Amiga. Timekeepers... 'whata-mistaka-to-make'.

By the way there is a little island in a lake in Flibble which has
a monument dedicated to my efforts. I thought I would gift it to
myself. I had just started demolishing large areas of the centre
to build the new super sized towering zones... and then I went into
therapy. I think accepting I had a problem was the first step in
the right direction. The guys at 'SCA' were very helpful ...
' SIM CITY ANONYMOUS '.. building your own cure. They should make
a game about that. Could call it Theme Hospital.... hang on.

Going now.

Sorry... before I do, click this and watch and listen to an
actual Amiga 1200 with internal hard drive and clicking floppy.

Click for video

SIM City 2000 - The Flibble Metropolis

Clara Veiga looks after my Flibble save disk.

Pictures taken of my original Microvitec

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