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ScuzzBlog: Diaries June 2019

Entry 18th June 2019: Digitnow ! Grabs my Amiga

Digitnow ! Grabs my Amiga

So my little gadget arrived to grab Amiga by the 'audio - videos'
and was it successful ... was it **ck. I am being a little harsh.
Made in China, like everything in the world and performed like a
25 bit of nonsense. Again.. being harsh. Just that the video
capture was truly dreadful. I'm talking video from a video
recorder. The colours were bleeding into each other and I had
these horrible lines all over the captured video. Fortunately
I have my video hooked up to a SONY DVD recorder so I can grab
stuff without any great issue. This however would not be suitable.

And so to the Amiga. First up, the screen was black and nowhere
on the destructions did it simply say how to toggle that off
so you can see the screen. Who seriously creates a gadget and
software that defaults to a black screen. Come on, just the
sheer scale of returned goods that appear faulty would suggest
you toggle the default to show the video. Took me a while to
figure that one out.

Next the playback is fractured and broken and stutters making
you think the quality is poor and stop the recording. And yet the
actual recording doesn't have the broken sound. Why do that ?

SCART cables.. for goodness sake, why the hard plastic/rubber.
You cannot sit the box anywhere cus the hard rubber will not flex.
I have soft rubber SCART cables and really I can't see what is the

The actual quality of the video was very poor and blurred. I was
well disappointed, though I hadn't anticipated very much. The
sound wasn't bad. It wasn't as good as the Amiga itself but it
was acceptable. I guess if you play the video really small it
would be OK. But on a big screen it would look very poor.

The delivery of this thing took a day and arrived on a Sunday.
It's well packaged. Remember to be careful with your packaging
cus don't forget that retro starts the minute you unpack the
goods. Most items of worth would be worth even more if you had
all the packaging. This item will never be rare.. or will it ?

So what did I capture. First up a video of me opening the A600
Workbench screen. Then the A600 showing the very odd bit of the
hard drive that is not formatted or partitioned.

Next up I captured that RAW 6 Amiga magazine music by Spaceballs.
I then couldn't resist the 'best-est' like bass riff in any Amiga
game like ever and that is Vital Light.

I then picked a random demo by Contex .. Interesting though not
brilliant. And then about five seconds of Smooth Criminal so that
I didn't get the copyright folk jumping down my throat. If you
want the whole thing then contact Random Access. Also includes
Humanoid and Paranoimia .. the dub version no less.

So what's the point. Well I guess the video avoids the scan lines.
And for that reason I'll give it a try. What is staggering is
that a single DD floppy disk of Amiga music and video of what is
like 850mb or 901 tops grows to well over 500MB in a capture and
that wasn't all of it. Weird.

I did spot a bit of Enigma in that Spaceballs track. Though Enigma
got into trouble at times with their sampling.

The A600 Workbench isn't exactly the norm.

Cue the music... Here is a sample of a whole video 
Jolene O'Hara... what a belting voice ..  A N D ..  Chicane
And the amazing Enigma ..  I don't have my Helena in a box.

And not related, though there is a link. Can you spot it ?
And it was Kenny Everett that once introduced a record as a 
sample of a whole track on his Sunday afternoon radio show.
The clue is in the sample 


Amiga 600 Workbench - A600 HDToolbox

RAW 6 - Vital Light

Contex - Smooth Criminal

Just a tiny bit of Michael.. Smooth.

Digitnow ! Grabs my Amiga

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